The following trading tools are currently available for clients with a log in.


Home page customisation

You can customise your home page, so you'll have what's most important to you and your trading needs.

Choose from a range of information and functions, that includes the latest News Feeds, Market Update, Market Watch (Top by Volume) and a Watchlist, with the All Ords, Market Indices and Exchange Rates.

Customised Profile

As an adviser you can check or edit your personal and account details or those of your clients.

Under your 'Account Details', you can view settlement details, as well as choose to receive paper or email confirmations.

Tracking your portfolio

In this section advisers and their clients can review their unrealised gains and losses, current holdings and share information. You can also see funds available for trading – so if you want to take advantage of market movements, you know where you stand.

Live Quotes

View live market price data without the 20-minute delay. You can also use the quick link navigation from this function to buy/sell securities.

Course of Sales

With this tool you can see the details of every trade of your chosen stock over the course of the day including the exact time, quantity of shares traded, and the price. Using this information, you can determine if price movements were an anomaly or whether it was part of a trend.

Market Depth

View buyers and sellers in the market at every available bid and offer price. You can also use the quick link navigation from this function to buy/sell securities.

Market Watch

Gives you a view of the markets for Equities, Options, Warrants and Commodities, and you can choose to view by $ value or % rises or falls, or by top volume, trades or $ value. You can also view common indices such as the 50 Leaders, 20 Industrials and 20 Resources.


Available charting options include:

  • Creation of customised charts over different date ranges, including intra-day charting, with frequency ranges from 1–10 minutes.
  • A range of technical overlays including Bollinger Bands, Simple Moving Average and Weighted Moving Average.
  • Expansive range of chart types including Mountain, Candlestick, % change.
  • Interactive charting, which highlights key statistics at any given point.
  • A roll-over indicator that moves with the mouse, giving you Open, High, Low and Close prices and Volume for the relevant date.


Through access to comprehensive research you can keep an eye on the market and make your own informed investment decisions.

You can access a range economic research as well as company information such as balance sheets, forecasts, charts and dividend history. You can also access company reports and key measures including PE ratio, market capitalisation and historical data.

This information can help you put today's price into perspective when making a decision about buying or selling shares.


As an adviser, access reports on recently opened accounts, cash management trust holdings, client portfolios (including valuations, stock transfers and transaction history) and pending settlements.

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