We offer relationship managed services across both Margin Lending and Managed Accounts.

Margin Lending

Our team of specialists offer an equities execution service for active, self-directed  investors with a loan facility of more than $500k.  We are not compensated by commission payments and deliver the service through a dedicated account manager who works with the customer, adviser, Private Bank Relationship or Execution Manager.

We provide specialists who offer efficient execution and seamless settlement to both an approved cash facility and a BT Margin Loan.  This is particularly beneficial to Westpac banking customers who can link existing Cash Management accounts to their trading accounts.

Clients can also access both equities and options specialists to execute option strategies.  This offers customers the ability to manage the risk in their existing equities portfolios and earn additional income through call option premiums.

Relationship managed Margin Lending clients can track their investments via the login above.

Managed Accounts

The Managed Accounts team offer effective, simple and personalised management of customised portfolios tailored to a client’s investment and taxation preferences.

Clients with a BT Private Portfolio receive a dedicated, personal portfolio manager.  This service provides active clients with more than $1million to invest personalised management tailored to their investment and tax preferences.

If you have a BT portfolio, visit the BT site to track your investments


This information is of a general nature, has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situations and needs. This information does not constitute any recommendation as to the suitability of any product.  Because of this, you should consider its appropriateness, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.  You should consider any available disclosure documents or product disclosure statements before making any decisions about whether to acquire a financial product.

Derivative products and leveraged products involve an element of risk and aren't suited for all investors.  Trading in derivative products and leveraged products has the potential to magnify both your profit and loss.  You should only acquire or trade in such products if you are confident that you understand them and the risks involved and have adequate financial resources.  

All interested investors should seek professional advice on the taxation implication of investing through margin lending and should not rely on this information, which should be used as a guide only.