Westpac is a leading participant in Foreign Exchange and Commodities globally, and has been the market leader in Australian foreign exchange markets for five years running.*  Our global reach, local expertise and extensive experience provide us with unique insights. That’s why we're able to structure Foreign Exchange and Commodity investments that produce diversified, enhanced returns.


Market-linked Investments

  • Returns linked to single reference price, basket or indices.
  • Full range of currencies and commodities available
  • Diversified returns with traditional asset classes
  • Full or partial capital protection
  • Fixed or contingent coupons
  • Terms out to 5 years

Dual Currency Investments

  • Short-term investments linked to the currency market
  • Designed to pay higher interest rate than a standard term deposit
  • Principal plus interest may be paid in either the investment currency or an alternate currency nominated up-front

Gold Deposits

  • Direct exposure to the gold price, historically seen as an inflation hedge and store of value
  • Deposit denominated in ounces of gold
  • Capital growth potential
  • Low correlation with traditional asset  classes

Foreign Currency Deposits

  • Cash deposit with Westpac denominated in foreign currency
  • Available for most major currencies
  • Terms out to 5 years
  • Fixed interest rate paid for term

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

  • Provision of tailored currency risk management for an international investment portfolio

*No1 market share, Peter Lee & Associates Foreign Exchange Survey Australia 2005-2009; Leading Domestic Provider of Foreign Exchange Services – Financial Institutions, Asiamoney Foreign Exchange Poll 2006-2008.

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